Shaken, Not Poisoned is a party game combining poker, spies, and ballroom dancing, in a way that is deceptively simple, but has layers of bluffing, lying, and mind games underneath.

Shaken, Not Poisoned is a party game where you play as a spy at a dinner party, trying to poison your target.


The problem is, everyone else is trying to do the same thing. Will your spy escape this dance party alive? Or will the whole party poison each other?


Bluff, scheme and dance your way to victory! Fast and easy to play, Play a game in under 10 minutes! The rules are all on a two-sided card!

You can get a copy of the game from The Game Crafter here.

There’s a print and play version of the game here.

Information on the design process are in the Shaken, Not Poisoned Blog Posts.