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April 2015 Update

G’Day you,

Wow, this month just flew by. Seriously, I blinked and now it’s May. Alright, big stuff for this month:

  • Baby Celeste was born! Celeste was born on the 23rd of April, so the past two weeks have been used to get used to having a cute little bubba in the house. She’s so cute!
  • I was able to do an interview on the Kickstarter process for Regeria Hope. Hopefully it helps out other people that want to do Kickstarters.
  • Initial storyline for episode 2 has been drafted, overall storyline has been pretty fleshed out.
  • Attempted to do new art for “After the Crash”. So far got the plains done, and looking to finish the other tiles soon.
  • Got initial designs for the Jurrita system created for Regeria Hope.
  • Got a bunch of playlists set up for development on Subsonic, let me know if you’re interested in listening to any of them. Pretty nerdy, but a good playlist can help with working.

Goals for May:

  • Submit Regeria Hope, After the Crash, and Shaken Not Poisoned to the Boston FIG.
  • Have some gameplay tests set up for the new Regeria Hope gameplay.
  • Try and have a blog post up once a week about something done well in a video game, like the opening sequence for Super Metroid, the support system in Fire Emblem: Awakening, music in games throughout the years, and more, at least for the month of May.

That wraps up the update for the past month. time to get back to making games!

March 2015 Monthly Update

G’Day you,

The last month was a bigg’un, and this month is looking to be a very big one as well, so that’s why it’s taking a while to get some updates in. Hoping to get back into posting more, now that

Here’s what happened last month:

This past month has been extremely busy, and April is going to be very busy as well. Finished the overall story-line “Good/honest” story line for Regeria Hope. It’s time to look at what will happen when the player wants to be corrupt, along with detailed writing of the 2nd episode.

Here’s my goals for this month, even though it’s almost done:

  • Get ready to be a dad. Not sure any dad can really say they are ready, but I think I’m getting close.
  • Finish the script for episode 2 of Regeria Hope, and get the outline done for being corrupt for the whole series.
  • Have a video of the Closing Statement game play for Regeria Hope up. Now that I just found out on the 13th that the new Phoenix Wright game has their own version of closing statement game play, I want to have mine out first, so that people don’t think I’m copying that. Would really like to have that done this weekend, even if I have to have basic sprites.

Regeria Hope Kickstarter has less than 7 days to go! Also, over 6000 downloads of Regeria Hope.

G’day you,


I haven’t been updating for a while, mostly because I’m working my cheeks off trying to get the Regeria Hope Kickstarter funded. Fingers crossed it should be hitting 75% tonight. It’s getting really, really close, so the next few days are going to be nail biting, but I think it will make it. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go check it out and share it with everyone you know!

In other Regeria Hope news, there’s been over 6,000 downloads of Regeria Hope! That basically means, if everyone that played the game pledged $1 to the Kickstarter, it would be funded right now. It’s been great to see the number of downloads go up every day, so I hope everyone that tried it liked it!

Here’s the breakdown for anyone interested:

Android: 3600+ downloads
Computer (Can’t break it out by OS): 2500+ downloads

I’m hoping the new version of Ren’Py will work even faster on Android, since there’s lots of fans there!

Thanks for reading,


Regeria Hope Episode 1 Version 1.2 Released

G’Day youse,

Regeria Hope 1.2 has been released. You can download it here!

Changes include:

  • All new case files menu screens.
  • All new testimony screen animations.
  • All new “Witness Prep” game play has been added to this version.
  • New evidence has been added, and you can use it to prove certain statements wrong.
  • New “Check pointing” system has been added. The game will save at regular intervals.
  • Updated sprites for Regeria, Artemis and Hawk.
  • Many other little updates, and hopefully no bugs!

And now, I’m going to go to bed.

Regeria Hope Episode 1 1.1 Released

Regeria Hope has been updated, changes include:

– ​Smaller timer and confidence bars.
– An easier to see “Interrupt” button.
– An easier to press menu button for Android Phones. The Android version should be updated very soon.
– Improved grammar and spelling.
– And you can show the evidence you’re expecting to show at the last statement in the area you’d want to show it. (People that have already finished it will know what that means.) Basically two pieces of evidence can work in the same statement.

There’s likely to be some much bigger changes later this month, but if you haven’t tried the game out yet, it’s much more user friendly.

Please keep the feedback coming, it’s definitely being used to make the game better.

Thank You! Regeria Hope Episode One hits over 1100 downloads

screenshot0006So far, I’ve seen Regeria Hope Episode One downloaded on, gamejolt and the google play store combined for a total of over 1100 times. This might not be a lot, but seeing my first real released game being downloaded so many times is incredibly exciting.

I’m glad that so many people want to try my game out and find out the secrets behind the first case, and learn about the characters in Regeria Hope.

So if you are one of the people that tried the game out, thanks for your time.

If you are one of the people that was incredibly generous enough to donate, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s people like you that keep indie game devs going. I hope you found the game worth your valuable money.

Today is the 2nd last day to vote for the next free game!

G’Day All,

Today is the second last day before I start work on the next free board game. Hopefully it’s the one you want. If not, invite more people to vote for the one you want!


BodyHuggers now works with Controllers

G’Day there,

Even if a free game is out, it doesn’t mean that I’ve totally finished working on it. There’s always things you can do to make things better.

So I’ve added support for Xbox 360 controllers on BodyHuggers. Since it’s two player, it seemed like a good thing to do.

You can download it now.

Here’s the controls:

  • Left on the D-Pad: Move the alien left.
  • Right on the D-Pad: Move the alien right.
  • Up on the D-Pad: Go through a door.
  • A: Start game, move through menu screens.


14th Of November is deadline for FREE GAME voting!

G’day you,

If you haven’t voted for the next free game I make, I reckon you should do it now. Why? Because this Friday the 14th of November at 12 noon EST is the closing time for votes in the poll for the next FREE game I make.

So click here, read the free game ideas, and vote!


October Monthly Update

G’Day you,

Gosh, I’m pretty late on the monthly update. Going to have to try and remember what happened last month.

  • BodyHuggers was released for free. So far it’s been downloaded about 50 times. I’ll have some news about that very soon too.
  • After the Crash has been updated, and I’m happy to say that it is very close to being ready for release.
  • The GUI for Regeria Hope is complete.
  • I might as well include of of November’s work in here too now. Sounds for Regeria Hope are complete, by AC Mendes. Everything is looking good for the first episode to be released by December.
  • I’ve been able to package Regeria Hope into an Android game. So I’ve been trying it out on my phone, and it looks amazing.
  • I’ve been playing around with Twine, so maybe there will be some news about a new game using Twine soon.
  • Voting for the next free game has begun! Please vote for your favorite!

So yeah, a fair bit of work has been done! Now to get back to working on more games for you people out there!

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