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January 2015 Monthly Update

G’Day you,

January feels like it was an extremely busy month…. So what’s been happening?

What a month, I’m tired just writing this out. Hope you had a great January!

Update for December 2014

G’Day there you,

It’s been quite some time since the last post, since there’s been a lot going on with Regeria Hope since the release. It’s been interesting to see the response, which was very positive. I’ve been amazed by the generosity of people that are willing to donate to a free game.

So, things that happened last month:

My goals for January are:

  • Get new music, new backgrounds, a new gui, the new rebuttal gamplay set up, and the “Defence Prep” and “Witness Defence” gameplay sections put into the new version of Regeria Hope: Episode One.
  • Finish the Shaken, Not Poisoned artwork, and put a free to play version of it up, along with a version you can buy on The Game Crafters Web Store if you aren’t into cutting and pasting lots of cards..
  • Get the tile art finished for After the Crash. Hopefully I can finish the rest in February.

So that was my month, hopefully you had a happy holidays, and an exciting new year. You get all the presents you wanted?

General News and November Monthly Update

G’Day you,

Lots of great things have been happening in the Barn. So much so that I completely missed the monthly update for the end of November. So now that I’m back in East Boston, here’s what’s been happening:

  • Golden Game Barn was lucky enough to have won free marketing with the lovely people at “PowerUp Games” for the next three months. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them in the future, and they will be making an amazing trailer for Regeria Hope.
  • After the Crash is being play tested by the kind people at “The Care and Feeding of Nerds“. Looking forward to hearing their feedback on the game and hope they had a great time playing it.
  • Regeria Hope is very close to completion. The finish line is right there!
  • I’ll also be showing Regeria Hope at the Playcrafting Demo Night on the 18th of December. Honestly, I’m getting really nervous about that. Hopefully everyone else will like it.
  • If you’ve been reading along with the latest blog posts, you will have seen that “Shaken, Not Poisoned” is coming along nicely. Should have the rules and the print outs for the game ready before the end of the month. Probably try it out at the Game Makers Guild meeting next week.
  • In other news, we found out that our baby will be a girl! That’s exciting times for us. Time to start thinking about stories I can read to her that have bad-ass women protagonists. If I cant’ find one she likes, we could make one together one day. I’d like that.
  • It’s time for me to do the quarterly tax forms for Golden Game Barn. Time to find all those receipts….

Hope you are having a great day, hope to hear from you!

August Monthly Update

G’Day All,

I’m going to write and post up the Monthly Update for August today since we’ll be moving house (and home office) tomorrow, so my chance of getting to a working computer is extremely slim.

So what’s been happening this month?

  • The most exciting news is we’re going to Boston FIG!
  • You all helped decide the new free game that I’ll be working on – BodyHuggers!  You can catch all the updates on that here.
  • My amazing brother has been helping out with graphic design for the company logo and lots of promo work for BostonFIG. I hear he’s working on a website for an exciting movie coming up.
  • After the Crash will be being playtested at Boston FIG on the 13th. And we received the latest prototype from The Game Crafters yesterday Photos will be going up soon!
  • I’ve been working hard on Regeria Hope, and should have a video of it up soon. If I’m lucky, there might be a demo up next month.
  • We’ll be moving to East Boston, so I’m looking forward to meat pies from KO Pies.

Thanks for reading along this month. If you’re interested in seeing this company grow, why not follow me to receive updates? As always, comments are welcome. Hope to hear from you soon!

End of Month Update

So July has been and gone, so what’s been happening in the barn?

  • Sound effects and music have been added to Regeria Hope.
  • Intro images for the murder in Regeria Hope have been added.
  • Title image for Regeria Hope has been created.
  • Logo for Regeria Hope is close to done.
  • The first two “engage” sections for Regeria Hope should be almost bug free. And saving works properly now!
  • Logo for After The Crash has been completed.
  • Prototype production for After The Crash has been started. Hopefully going to get some sweet wooden tiles from Blue Panther LLC at the beginning of September.
  • Logo for this company is almost finished, along with Business Cards, and Golden Game Barn is officially a LLC in MA!

Feels like the barn has been plowing through hay at an exciting pace! Looking forward to what happens next month.

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