The first board game created by Golden Game Barn, “After the Crash” is a co-operative board game for  1-4 players,  ages 12 and up about surviving as a team in the wilderness after a plane crash.

You and your friends will have to work together and survive, but it won’t be easy,  as you’ll have to:

  • Find Shelter and make fire
  • Find enough food and safe water to survive 3-5 days in the wilderness
  • Avoid wolves, bears and other dangerous animals
  • Find items to build weapons and create fires
  • And finally work together to kill animals for food.

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This game has been playtested at Boston FIG 2014 and in several playtesting sessions with the Boston Game Makers Guild. I’m aiming for release early next year.

For more information about “After the Crash”, please email us at goldengamebarn@gmail.com.