G’Day you,

Wow, this month just flew by. Seriously, I blinked and now it’s May. Alright, big stuff for this month:

  • Baby Celeste was born! Celeste was born on the 23rd of April, so the past two weeks have been used to get used to having a cute little bubba in the house. She’s so cute!
  • I was able to do an interview on the Kickstarter process for Regeria Hope. Hopefully it helps out other people that want to do Kickstarters.
  • Initial storyline for episode 2 has been drafted, overall storyline has been pretty fleshed out.
  • Attempted to do new art for “After the Crash”. So far got the plains done, and looking to finish the other tiles soon.
  • Got initial designs for the Jurrita system created for Regeria Hope.
  • Got a bunch of playlists set up for development on Subsonic, let me know if you’re interested in listening to any of them. Pretty nerdy, but a good playlist can help with working.

Goals for May:

  • Submit Regeria Hope, After the Crash, and Shaken Not Poisoned to the Boston FIG.
  • Have some gameplay tests set up for the new Regeria Hope gameplay.
  • Try and have a blog post up once a week about something done well in a video game, like the opening sequence for Super Metroid, the support system in Fire Emblem: Awakening, music in games throughout the years, and more, at least for the month of May.

That wraps up the update for the past month. time to get back to making games!