G’day you,


I haven’t been updating for a while, mostly because I’m working my cheeks off trying to get the Regeria Hope Kickstarter funded. Fingers crossed it should be hitting 75% tonight. It’s getting really, really close, so the next few days are going to be nail biting, but I think it will make it. If you haven’t seen it yet, please go check it out and share it with everyone you know!

In other Regeria Hope news, there’s been over 6,000 downloads of Regeria Hope! That basically means, if everyone that played the game pledged $1 to the Kickstarter, it would be funded right now. It’s been great to see the number of downloads go up every day, so I hope everyone that tried it liked it!

Here’s the breakdown for anyone interested:

Android: 3600+ downloads
Computer (Can’t break it out by OS): 2500+ downloads

I’m hoping the new version of Ren’Py will work even faster on Android, since there’s lots of fans there!

Thanks for reading,