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Month: February 2015

Over 3,500 for Regeria Hope downloads! Thank you so much!

G’Day youse,

Not going to lie, I check the download count of Regeria Hope every day, just to see what is going on, and if changes to the game are making people happy or not.

I think, based on current downloads, that the changes are a good thing. Today, Regeria Hope hit over 3,500 downloads across PC and Android! Thanks to everyone who played the game, and thanks to everyone who emailed in to tell me about it. I’ve really been enjoying hearing from people, and their stories.

I’m excited to see more and more people playing the game and enjoying it, and I’m hoping to have some very big news in the next week or so.

Keep your eyes peeled for any Regeria Hope news very, very soon!

January 2015 Monthly Update

G’Day you,

January feels like it was an extremely busy month…. So what’s been happening?

What a month, I’m tired just writing this out. Hope you had a great January!

Regeria Hope Announcement: New Background Artist

G’Day youse,

I’m happy to announce today that Regeria Hope has a new background artist: Sendo from the LemmaSoft Forums.

It’s very exciting to see the new backgrounds, and I’m honestly pretty happy to see my old ones go.

Here’s some example backgrounds for the game, so far they are looking amazing. I’m hoping to be able to use them along with widescreen, in the next update of the first episode.



We’re getting closer and closer to having a pretty amazing game for you. I hope you follow along and keep an eye out for some very big news soon.

Free Print and Play Shaken, Not Poisoned Cards Online!


If you voted in my last free game voting,  you’ll be excited to see that Shaken, Not Poisoned is now free to download as a print and play!

Click here to download the PDF files! <- Please let me know if there are any issues, I’m using dropbox, and everything should be ok, but sometimes Chrome has false positives for dropbox downloads. There’s only PDFs inside the zipfile.

I feel like it’s a very easy game to pick up and learn, and after you’ve learnt how to play, you get to the real meat of the game, figuring out what your friends and trying to do and beat them. The game should only last 1-3 minutes per round, so a game could finish in 10 minutes, so it should be nice and snappy.

Major changes from the last version of the game include:

  • Any player can decide to stop the round when they want and have the last turn of the round.
  • You can also decide to peek at your dance partner’s cards, to see what they are trying to do.

There might be a few tweaks as people start playing the game and giving me feedback, but this is basically how the game will be. If you don’t feel like printing and cutting out about 54 cards, I will be creating a page on “The Game Crafter” were you can order the game and get it sent to you, for a reasonable fee. There will be some extensive play testing before that game goes on sale, since I want to make sure the game is quality before asking for money for it.

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