G’Day there you,

I think I’ve got the final version of the Regeria Hope Demo ready for you today:

Click on the image for the demo!

Click on the image for the demo!

There’s a fair few upgrades:

-General story structure and writing upgrades/spelling mistake fixes to make the story clearer and when you should present evidence clearer.
-New bolding and underlining of key actions you can do.
-General formatting of story added.
-Epilepsy warning added.
-New CTC logo that will appear during click to continue sections and not during testimonies.
-New Cursor
-New outlines on text to increase readability.
-Other stuff I can’t remember since most of this work was done on a 11 flight from Dubai to Perth.

Hope you like it, and email me if you want to be a beta tester. I promise it’s fun, and you get to play the whole episode all the way through!