G’Day there you.

So I think I’ve got a good list of rules for the Shaken, Not Stirred game. Here’s an example of the first few sections:

Shaken, Not Stirred

For 3-10 players. For games of 3-5 players, each player will be an organization. For games of 6-10 players, each player will be a character.

There will be 5 organizations, each organization will have a male spy and a female spy. This means 2 cards per organization. There will also be an attack/target card for each character and a ally/defend card for each character.

This means that there will be 30 cards, and a few cards to explain rules and such.  I think that’s probably just about as much as anyone would want to cut and paste for a print and play game. Unfortunately that means that the drink rules might not make it into the final game. To keep the idea of drinks in the game, I’ll make all the attacks and defend cards drink related.

Rounds will start as follows:

  1. Players take turns to pick up a card from the attack deck to determine the position of the organizations, from the bar clockwise in a circle. These positions remain for the rest of the game.
  2. All the attack cards are placed back into the attack deck.
  3. Players take turns to pick up a card from the attack deck to determine who they attack,
    if the character is from the player’s organization, that player doesn’t need to worry about being attacked that round. Keep that card hidden.
  4. Players take turns to pick up a card from the defend deck to determine who they defend,
    if it is the players organization, that player can get a point for defending their own organization. Keep that card hidden.

I’m interested to see how the target and defend cards work out. Having the attack and defence cards be random each round could be interesting, since players will have to pretend they don’t want to protect someone to draw out an attack, and attackers will need to guess when they can attack their targets. I’ll have to figure out how many cards each player can pick up for attacks and defence, so that everyone gets a chance to attack and defend.

That’s enough for today I think. Hopefully this has got you excited to see more. Tomorrow there should be some more rules up, and soon there might be enough time to show a card design or two?

As always, I’d love to hear feedback. Is 30 cards too much for a print and play game, or is that enough?