G’Day you,

Gosh, I’m pretty late on the monthly update. Going to have to try and remember what happened last month.

  • BodyHuggers was released for free. So far it’s been downloaded about 50 times. I’ll have some news about that very soon too.
  • After the Crash has been updated, and I’m happy to say that it is very close to being ready for release.
  • The GUI for Regeria Hope is complete.
  • I might as well include of of November’s work in here too now. Sounds for Regeria Hope are complete, by AC Mendes. Everything is looking good for the first episode to be released by December.
  • I’ve been able to package Regeria Hope into an Android game. So I’ve been trying it out on my phone, and it looks amazing.
  • I’ve been playing around with Twine, so maybe there will be some news about a new game using Twine soon.
  • Voting for the next free game has begun! Please vote for your favorite!

So yeah, a fair bit of work has been done! Now to get back to working on more games for you people out there!