G’Day there,

Here’s today’s character! If you want to try the game’s demo, check it out here! Check out the Regeria Hope Tag for all the posts on Regeria Hope.

Pharrell Triton

Pharrell Triton is your boss, a very charming and debonair lawyer. He’s helped your through law school, and proud to see you graduate with honors. He certainly cares for Regeria, and he will respect any choice she makes, even if it’s one that he will not agree with. He believes that Regeria should have her own path, and won’t influence your choices in any way. However, your choices will affect how he reacts to you.

Feedback Request

I’d love to hear your feedback on Regeria Hope. I think there’s been about 80 downloads of the game now. The more information I get, the better I can make the game, so fire away!