It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a blog post about “After the Crash”, but that’s only because I’ve been waiting for the new version of the game to arrive, after all the changes to the game mentioned previously.

Wow, what a difference a few playtests make. This version of the game is much snappier, and already I’ve had to make decisions that were agonizing.


In one single player trial ( and trial seems to be the right word to use ) I’ve had to:

  • Grab every Plane Item and laugh at how easy I thought the game would be, but be a bit annoyed that I didn’t get a Crash Ax.
  • While foraging for food, a bear attacked me and seriously banged me up, and that damn bear would hunt me down for the rest of the game. I wish I had that Crash Ax.
  • After running so much, I was dying of thirst, so I went to the nearest river to try and drink some clean water. River’s have moving water right? I should be good?
  • I got dysentery.
  • Boston, I don’t love that dirty water.
  • I’m starving.
  • I made a spear with wood and a rock, then used it to kill a wolf, so that was pretty cool.
  • I then had to burn my precious spear to make fire so that I wouldn’t freeze through the night.
  • That fire died by morning, so I couldn’t cook the wolf meat I had, but at least the fire kept the bear out of my cave that night.
  • I then had to run as fast as I could to the nearest river, avoiding the bear, and then try dirty water again so I didn’t die of thirst. This river was clean, so my bowels would hopefully live another day.
  • Still outrunning the bear, I was slowly dying of hunger, every hour I could feel death’s bony fingers tapping on my shoulders. The wolf’s ghost was laughing at me through it’s flesh I was carrying. I could eat it, but I know it would give me food poisoning, and I would die. I continued to forage, hoping that I could find suitable firewood in the forest. Mother Nature plays some pretty mean practical jokes.
  • Foraging through the forest, I encountered yet another bear, and ran away from it, only to collapse and die alone in a pond from starvation.

So after playing this once, I’ve learned a few things:

  • I probably should have been a boy scout as a kid. That might have helped me be more of a survivor.
  • This game is getting awesome. I can’t wait to see how other people like it.
  • This is going to need a YouTube video to explain the rules and how the game plays.

Hopefully just reading this has you as excited about the game as I am. Feel free to leave some comments below, I’d love to hear from you!