G’Day All,

A little late with the Monthly Update for September, but that’s only because so much has been happening!

This month:

  • Golden Game Barn was  at Boston FIG! We were lucky enough to be interviewed, and a very nice guy wrote up a blog post about After the Crash!
  • BodyHuggers is coming along,  when I get a chance to look at it, you can catch all the updates on that here.
  • My amazing brother‘s designs have been made into posters, and stickers and business cards that were visible at Boston Fig.
  • After the Crash has been playtested both at the Boston FIG and the Game Makers Guild. You can find my notes on the changes here.
  • I’ve been working hard on Regeria Hope, thanks to the awesome artist working on it, the artwork is DONE! Hoping to have the first episode out for the end of this year! So exciting!
  • The biggest thing this month is that my wife and I announced our baby! It’s due on the 15th of April next year!

Thanks for reading along this month. If you’re interested in seeing this company grow, why not follow me to receive updates? As always, comments are welcome. Hope to hear from you soon!