G’Day All,

I’m going to write and post up the Monthly Update for August today since we’ll be moving house (and home office) tomorrow, so my chance of getting to a working computer is extremely slim.

So what’s been happening this month?

  • The most exciting news is we’re going to Boston FIG!
  • You all helped decide the new free game that I’ll be working on – BodyHuggers!  You can catch all the updates on that here.
  • My amazing brother has been helping out with graphic design for the company logo and lots of promo work for BostonFIG. I hear he’s working on a website for an exciting movie coming up.
  • After the Crash will be being playtested at Boston FIG on the 13th. And we received the latest prototype from The Game Crafters yesterday Photos will be going up soon!
  • I’ve been working hard on Regeria Hope, and should have a video of it up soon. If I’m lucky, there might be a demo up next month.
  • We’ll be moving to East Boston, so I’m looking forward to meat pies from KO Pies.

Thanks for reading along this month. If you’re interested in seeing this company grow, why not follow me to receive updates? As always, comments are welcome. Hope to hear from you soon!