G’Day all.

Here’s this week’s update on how Bodyhuggers is going. Currently I’m moving apartments, so most of my focus is on that, and packing everything away. I’m also getting ready for Boston Festival of Indie Games, so I’ve been making a pretty prototype of After the Crash for the Tabletop sponsor section, along with a demo for Regeria Hope should be available on this website very soon too. I’m getting very excited about that.

So all of those a basically reasons why not a lot has happened on the free game front yet. I do have few ideas, and some design images set up though, so here’s an example how how Bodyhuggers could probably look when it comes out:



Since the aliens you will playing as are blind, you’re not going to be able to see what’s happening on screen. I’m currently thinking about showing when players jump, and maybe showing blocks after players walk over them. The goal in this game is for you and your blind alien friend to meet and hug. The puzzle in the game will be how you and your friend meet up. There will be teleporters on screen that move you around the level, and blocks that get in your way. Not sure about enemies on screen yet.

The game will be made in GameMaker, and I’ll be using Paint.Net and Inkscape to make the sprites. In terms of music, I’ll see if I can do something in FruityLoops. I’ll see if I can make randomly generated levels, but I think at first I’ll just make 3-4 levels.

That’s basically it for now. I’m hoping to work more on this next week, so there should be much more info then.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear what you think!