So July has been and gone, so what’s been happening in the barn?

  • Sound effects and music have been added to Regeria Hope.
  • Intro images for the murder in Regeria Hope have been added.
  • Title image for Regeria Hope has been created.
  • Logo for Regeria Hope is close to done.
  • The first two “engage” sections for Regeria Hope should be almost bug free. And saving works properly now!
  • Logo for After The Crash has been completed.
  • Prototype production for After The Crash has been started. Hopefully going to get some sweet wooden tiles from Blue Panther LLC at the beginning of September.
  • Logo for this company is almost finished, along with Business Cards, and Golden Game Barn is officially a LLC in MA!

Feels like the barn has been plowing through hay at an exciting pace! Looking forward to what happens next month.