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Shaken, Not Poisoned Draft Card 10

G’Day you,

Here’s the last of the spies you can play as. It’s the other half of the Highly Unlikely Mission Personnel organization. She is less into using disguises, but uses her feminine wiles to trap her target. It’s Paprika Parker!


Pretty happy with the way this one turned out. Blond hair is kind of hard to do with the way I’m doing these cards, but it turned out well, along with the ring on her finger and her cigarette. She’s only smoking because she’s a spy with a death-wish, so kids at home – Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and winners don’t do drugs!

Hope you like it, looking forward to any comments below.

Shaken, Not Poisoned Poison and Protect Cards

G’Day you,

This is probably going to be one of the last posts on the design of the “Shaken, Not Poisoned” cards before the game is freely available for people to print and play. It’s how the protect and poison cards look. Here’s how the front and back of the protect cards look:

cardBackProtect ProtectjimmyTie

I’ve made the drinks on the backs of the cards different colors so that it’s easier to put the decks together, and so that keen eyed players might be able to tell what a player is thinking when moving their spies around. If a player is looking at a protect card, they might be moving towards someone they want to protect. I’ve decided the black drinks would be for protect, and red would be the poison drinks. Here’s how the poison cards look:

cardBackPoisonPoisonSlidinFoot I wanted the cards to be different, but not too different. I could always have the background in the poison cards be red, but I don’t think people would want to burn a whole color ink cartridge to play my game. Hopefully the drink color changes should be enough to show the different decks.

You’re a beaut bloke or sheila to have read all this, hope to see a comment from you below, and have a good one!

Shaken, Not Poisoned Rule Cards

G’Day you,

This post is the last one about the rules before “Shaken, Not Poisoned” is thrown out into the wild to see how other people like it. It’s the rule cards, which thankfully are small enough to fit on one card. It’s a very dry topic, but it’s great to see the rules be simple enough to fit on a two sided card.

roundSetup gameRulesI’m pretty sure all the rules are on there. Hopefully they make enough sense for anyone to pick up and use. If you think they are missing something, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a great day!

Shaken, Not Poisoned Card Draft 3

G’Day you,

Got another card for you today, I’m sure you can probably guess the inspiration for this card as well. It’s Justin Weakens:

The cards are coming along now, so hopefully I’ll have most of them done by next week. Might have to try the game out with family and see if they like it.

Have a good one, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Vote for the next free game!

G’Day all,

Now that BodyHuggers is done, the time has come to vote for the next free game!

This time we have 3 different board game ideas to look at. Vote for your favorite one below, and I’ll make it and produce a print and play version of it, so you can print it out at home and try it out.

Here’s the game ideas (Long time readers might recognize some of these) :

  • Your Grace, My Topiary is Better Than Yours: Free print and play card game, very similar to poker, but more accessible, and you get more points if you pretend to be from the 1800’s. Players will all be shown several pieces of furniture, and they will be able to play their descriptions of furniture in order to have the highest score at the end of the round. The backs of cards will be colored, so players could guess at which cards their opponents have for betting.
  • Lockdown: Free print and play board game, where you control a country, and some aliens. The player with the most tightly enforced police state wins! This is be very satirical, so expect cards about the NSA and TSA. You have to make sure that your citizens don’t completely panic, so you have to slowly bring the police state rules in.
  • Shaken, not Poisoned: Free print and play card game, where you play as spies at a grand party who all try to assassinate your targets before you are assassinated. You can team up with other spies to avoid being attacked, but targets change after each assassination, so your friend one turn could be an enemy the next turn.

Feel free to vote below! Any comments about anything to do with this site are welcome as well.

Playtesting After The Crash

G’Day you,

So after playtesting at both the Boston Festival of Indie Games and the Game Makers Guild in Boston, I’ve learnt that there’s still a long way to go to get After The Crash ready for prime time. I received some very helpful feedback from a number of people, and it was great to hear that people wanted to buy the game now, I want to make sure that the game is super tight, easy enough to pick up by using real life as a starting point, and tense and interesting enough to provide players with many replays of enjoyment. I also want each game to feel like a different experience each time.

So here is a list of the changes that I’ll be making to the game. Maybe the change you recommended is in here, if not, feel free to leave it below, and I’ll reply with my thoughts.


General Remarks:

  • Less Plane cards. Only 5 now. I was seeing doubles of cards all the time, no matter how many times I played the game or shuffled the deck. Lighter, Crash Ax, Plane Food, Water Bottle, and Med-Kit. Each of these cards is super-powered, but missing one of them will make you wish you had it.
  • Less Forest cards. Only about 30 now, but now you can only pick up 10 before reshuffling. Difficulty level of the game will be determined by how many wild animals (wolves and bears) are in the pack.
  • Seems like the first day was a bit slow for one of the players. After you find a cave and water, there’s not much to do. I think making the players light a fire in the cave is the way to go, and I’m adding some extra work for the water. This could make it pretty tough for less than 2 players. At least the chances of one of the players getting a water bottle are pretty high now. And if they don’t get a water bottle, they will get a lighter, so making a fire should be reasonably easy.
  • Going to have double the wood cards, since wood is needed to make fire and spears, and fires are much more important now.

Trying to make the first day more interesting:

  • Adding a river area. Many people were asking about stagnant water rules. I’ll be adding rules for purifying water to drink. I think this will add more to the first day because you’ll need to find a shelter, somewhere you can forage, and a safe place to drink clean water, which is a lot to ask for the first day! All players will be able to use their clothes to create one water filter to make the water safer to drink. Bad water will reduce your food by 4 points to a minimum of zero and don’t affect your life points, and your water points down to 4 from full. Not sure which yet.
  • You need a fire in the cave you want to sleep in, or sleep in the hut without a fire. Players will lose one life point if they sleep in a cave without a fire.

Simplifying rules:

  • Exploring will now let you see everything in all directions around you, since you need to find drinkable water and shelter in the first day, and people kept wanting to see all around them.
  • Players and animals can now move in 8 directions. This means you can move further, but so can the animals, so packs of animals can get to you faster. And so many people were moving in 8 directions I figured I might as well.
  • Removing the flare. All the flare really does is make the game shorter if you are doing really well at it.
  • Thinking about removing the flint card, and replacing it with a rule that lets you create a fire with two rocks. This should simplify the rules a little bit, and people will have to juggle if they want to make a fire or make a spear, so a more interesting choice will appear. I never saw a flint card get used, since most games had a lighter, and fires were only needed for food. More rocks should make spears easier to make.
  • Spears don’t break, but axes give a +1 chance to kill an animal.
  • Need to figure out food, water, trading better. I’m thinking you can only eat and drink after everyone’s turn. You can only share food and water after everyone’s turn. You can trade at any time while you are on the same square. This means you’ll need to end your turn on a river or pond to drink.
  • Water and food will go down after every turn. The water meter max will be increased by one, and all food increases will increase by one. It was too hard to figure out when the meters should go down or not.
  • Group Fighting needs to be simpler – Have attackers and people without weapons can go on the same square. Attackers go first, multiple attackers decrease the amount needed to kill the animal, If anyone rolls more than the amount needed the animal is dead, but anyone who rolls less than the amount needed is hurt. After attackers roll and the animal isn’t dead, people without weapons roll, with the amount needed to avoid being hurt reduced by the number of attackers.
  • When cooking meat, you can cook as much meat as you want for your action.

Tightening rules:

  • Fire in a cave can stop animals – Animals can’t go inside caves with fires and huts, but can go on that square. Defenders can’t get hurt that round. Attackers can still attack. This was mostly because it seemed kinda weird to be cooking meat while a bear was attacking everyone in a cave.
  • Animal direction mechanics need to be tightened up. Maybe animals need to go in different paths to get to you, but they can land on the same square? Will need to work on this more.
  • On the last day when the helicopter appears, one wolf will appear on the squares furthest north, south, east and west of the crash site, and one or two wolves (depending on players) will appear on the crash site.

Interesting extra rules:

  • You can’t talk to each other unless you are on the same square.
  • You have to hide your cards from each other unless you are on the same square.
  • Everyone still keeps mentioning cannibalism. I know who I wouldn’t want to be in the wilderness with…. But this might be happening in an expansion, as long as this does well enough.
  • Could look at everyone having their turn at the same time. Maybe introduce a timer? Only two actions tho, so not sure how to enforce that.
  • Movement only moves you one space, but you can use one food point to move an extra space. Interesting rule, not sure how this would play out.

Wow, that’s a lot of changes. Hopefully you made it this far, and if you did, I’d love to hear what you think of the changes, or if you have any other changes you think would make the game better. As always, you can leave comments below.

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