Here you’ll find all the free games that Golden Game Barn has made. You find video games, and print and play board and card games. Check back as more games are released.

Video Games:

  • BodyHuggers – Help two blind aliens meet and hug. Two player co-operative fun for all.

Board Games:

We have a voting system for the next free game we will make. Here are past ideas. Email us if you want the idea to be voted on again:

  • Your Grace, My Topiary is Better Than Yours: Free print and play card game, very similar to poker, but more accessible, and you get more points if you pretend to be from the 1800’s. Players will all be shown several pieces of furniture, and they will be able to play their descriptions of furniture in order to have the highest score at the end of the round. The backs of cards will be colored, so players could guess at which cards their opponents have for betting.
  • Lockdown: Free print and play board game, where you control a country, and some aliens. The player with the most tightly enforced police state wins! This is be very satirical, so expect cards about the NSA and TSA. You have to make sure that your citizens don’t completely panic, so you have to slowly bring the police state rules in.