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Regeria Hope: Character Introductions 2

G’Day there,

Here’s today’s character! If you want to try the game’s demo, check it out here! Check out the Regeria Hope Tag for all the posts on Regeria Hope.

Artemis Narcissus


The Prosecutor. She is very vain, and as her name shows, she loves herself. She doesn’t trust anyone, but she believes in the justice system, so evidence will make her more interested in a case. Her favorite color is purple, and isn’t seen too far away from a mirror.


Regeria Hope: Character Introductions

G’Day all,

As I’m getting closer and closer to December, the month I’m planning to release the full first episode of Regeria Hope for free, I figure now is a great time to introduce you to all the characters within the game. Hopefully I can try and keep this updated daily.

But first, the most important character!

Regeria Hope


Regeria is the character you will be playing as. She’s a very green lawyer, but she is extremely capable when she feels she is up to the task. While she can be shaken by the press on her first case, she always holds hope out for her client until the very end. Certain things are tough to write about this character, since you will control how she acts and how she responds to certain situations.

She will never back down from a challenge, and her shout, “Have at you!” can make prison guards jump!

That’s all for now, check back later for more characters! If you want to try the game’s demo, check it out here! Check out the Regeria Hope Tag for all the posts on Regeria Hope.

Regeria Hope Demo

G’Day there,

So after calming down from the rush of meeting so many awesome people at the Boston FIG, I’d like to share the demo I was showing there with all of my readers.


Click on the image to get to the demo!

Hope you like it! I’m hoping to have the full first episode out this year, in December. I’ve hearing from a lot of people that they are getting virus warnings, so the demo has been moved to a different, trusted site. I’ve tried the download, and it’s no longer flagging the file. Please let me know if you have issues, and we can sort them out.

Currently it’s a there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, but I’ve only tested this on Windows. Please let me know if you find any issues on Mac and Linux, and I’ll see if I can fix them.

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