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Over 3,500 for Regeria Hope downloads! Thank you so much!

G’Day youse,

Not going to lie, I check the download count of Regeria Hope every day, just to see what is going on, and if changes to the game are making people happy or not.

I think, based on current downloads, that the changes are a good thing. Today, Regeria Hope hit over 3,500 downloads across PC and Android! Thanks to everyone who played the game, and thanks to everyone who emailed in to tell me about it. I’ve really been enjoying hearing from people, and their stories.

I’m excited to see more and more people playing the game and enjoying it, and I’m hoping to have some very big news in the next week or so.

Keep your eyes peeled for any Regeria Hope news very, very soon!

January 2015 Monthly Update

G’Day you,

January feels like it was an extremely busy month…. So what’s been happening?

What a month, I’m tired just writing this out. Hope you had a great January!

Regeria Hope Available on Android Now!


Here’s the download link!

If you liked Regeria Hope, but were annoyed your cat or dog couldn’t play, now they can! Just clip their nails and now they can paw their way through the story too. It’s exactly the same as the computer version, but portable.

If you have time, please rate the game, and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

General News and November Monthly Update

G’Day you,

Lots of great things have been happening in the Barn. So much so that I completely missed the monthly update for the end of November. So now that I’m back in East Boston, here’s what’s been happening:

  • Golden Game Barn was lucky enough to have won free marketing with the lovely people at “PowerUp Games” for the next three months. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them in the future, and they will be making an amazing trailer for Regeria Hope.
  • After the Crash is being play tested by the kind people at “The Care and Feeding of Nerds“. Looking forward to hearing their feedback on the game and hope they had a great time playing it.
  • Regeria Hope is very close to completion. The finish line is right there!
  • I’ll also be showing Regeria Hope at the Playcrafting Demo Night on the 18th of December. Honestly, I’m getting really nervous about that. Hopefully everyone else will like it.
  • If you’ve been reading along with the latest blog posts, you will have seen that “Shaken, Not Poisoned” is coming along nicely. Should have the rules and the print outs for the game ready before the end of the month. Probably try it out at the Game Makers Guild meeting next week.
  • In other news, we found out that our baby will be a girl! That’s exciting times for us. Time to start thinking about stories I can read to her that have bad-ass women protagonists. If I cant’ find one she likes, we could make one together one day. I’d like that.
  • It’s time for me to do the quarterly tax forms for Golden Game Barn. Time to find all those receipts….

Hope you are having a great day, hope to hear from you!

Going to Boston FIG!!!

G’Day all.

Golden Game Barn is proud to be an Indie Exhibitor for the Boston Festival of Indie Gaming!


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be exhibiting at this event! I’m looking forward to meeting fellow indie developers around New England, and seeing what people think about the games I have available for them. We’ll have After The Crash available to try out and play test, and there might be some surprises in store for anyone who wants to try Regeria Hope…. But I can’t announce anything about that now. There’s still too much work to do.

To tell you the truth, After the Crash probably wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the Boston FIG. Last year when my wife and I went, we had a look around the Tabletop Showcase, and we were very impressed with what we saw. After we saw what other people were doing, we thought, why not try making our own games, and one year later, After the Crash was born. We narrowly missed making it into the Tabletop Showcase this year, but I’m glad that my first board game was even close to matching the other games that made it.

I really hope to see you there, and watch this space for information on both After The Crash and Regeria Hope!

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