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Free Print and Play Shaken, Not Poisoned Cards Online!


If you voted in my last free game voting,  you’ll be excited to see that Shaken, Not Poisoned is now free to download as a print and play!

Click here to download the PDF files! <- Please let me know if there are any issues, I’m using dropbox, and everything should be ok, but sometimes Chrome has false positives for dropbox downloads. There’s only PDFs inside the zipfile.

I feel like it’s a very easy game to pick up and learn, and after you’ve learnt how to play, you get to the real meat of the game, figuring out what your friends and trying to do and beat them. The game should only last 1-3 minutes per round, so a game could finish in 10 minutes, so it should be nice and snappy.

Major changes from the last version of the game include:

  • Any player can decide to stop the round when they want and have the last turn of the round.
  • You can also decide to peek at your dance partner’s cards, to see what they are trying to do.

There might be a few tweaks as people start playing the game and giving me feedback, but this is basically how the game will be. If you don’t feel like printing and cutting out about 54 cards, I will be creating a page on “The Game Crafter” were you can order the game and get it sent to you, for a reasonable fee. There will be some extensive play testing before that game goes on sale, since I want to make sure the game is quality before asking for money for it.

Regeria Hope Episode 1 Version 1.2 Released

G’Day youse,

Regeria Hope 1.2 has been released. You can download it here!

Changes include:

  • All new case files menu screens.
  • All new testimony screen animations.
  • All new “Witness Prep” game play has been added to this version.
  • New evidence has been added, and you can use it to prove certain statements wrong.
  • New “Check pointing” system has been added. The game will save at regular intervals.
  • Updated sprites for Regeria, Artemis and Hawk.
  • Many other little updates, and hopefully no bugs!

And now, I’m going to go to bed.

Regeria Hope Episode 1 1.1 Released

Regeria Hope has been updated, changes include:

– ​Smaller timer and confidence bars.
– An easier to see “Interrupt” button.
– An easier to press menu button for Android Phones. The Android version should be updated very soon.
– Improved grammar and spelling.
– And you can show the evidence you’re expecting to show at the last statement in the area you’d want to show it. (People that have already finished it will know what that means.) Basically two pieces of evidence can work in the same statement.

There’s likely to be some much bigger changes later this month, but if you haven’t tried the game out yet, it’s much more user friendly.

Please keep the feedback coming, it’s definitely being used to make the game better.

Thank You! Regeria Hope Episode One hits over 1100 downloads

screenshot0006So far, I’ve seen Regeria Hope Episode One downloaded on, gamejolt and the google play store combined for a total of over 1100 times. This might not be a lot, but seeing my first real released game being downloaded so many times is incredibly exciting.

I’m glad that so many people want to try my game out and find out the secrets behind the first case, and learn about the characters in Regeria Hope.

So if you are one of the people that tried the game out, thanks for your time.

If you are one of the people that was incredibly generous enough to donate, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s people like you that keep indie game devs going. I hope you found the game worth your valuable money.

Update for December 2014

G’Day there you,

It’s been quite some time since the last post, since there’s been a lot going on with Regeria Hope since the release. It’s been interesting to see the response, which was very positive. I’ve been amazed by the generosity of people that are willing to donate to a free game.

So, things that happened last month:

My goals for January are:

  • Get new music, new backgrounds, a new gui, the new rebuttal gamplay set up, and the “Defence Prep” and “Witness Defence” gameplay sections put into the new version of Regeria Hope: Episode One.
  • Finish the Shaken, Not Poisoned artwork, and put a free to play version of it up, along with a version you can buy on The Game Crafters Web Store if you aren’t into cutting and pasting lots of cards..
  • Get the tile art finished for After the Crash. Hopefully I can finish the rest in February.

So that was my month, hopefully you had a happy holidays, and an exciting new year. You get all the presents you wanted?

Regeria Hope Available on Android Now!


Here’s the download link!

If you liked Regeria Hope, but were annoyed your cat or dog couldn’t play, now they can! Just clip their nails and now they can paw their way through the story too. It’s exactly the same as the computer version, but portable.

If you have time, please rate the game, and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Regeria Hope Episode 1 Is Out!


She totally will!

Episode 1 of Regeria Hope is out!

Here’s the download page.

Go download it! I hope you like it!

Shaken, Not Poisoned Draft Card 10

G’Day you,

Here’s the last of the spies you can play as. It’s the other half of the Highly Unlikely Mission Personnel organization. She is less into using disguises, but uses her feminine wiles to trap her target. It’s Paprika Parker!


Pretty happy with the way this one turned out. Blond hair is kind of hard to do with the way I’m doing these cards, but it turned out well, along with the ring on her finger and her cigarette. She’s only smoking because she’s a spy with a death-wish, so kids at home – Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and winners don’t do drugs!

Hope you like it, looking forward to any comments below.

Shaken, Not Poisoned Poison and Protect Cards

G’Day you,

This is probably going to be one of the last posts on the design of the “Shaken, Not Poisoned” cards before the game is freely available for people to print and play. It’s how the protect and poison cards look. Here’s how the front and back of the protect cards look:

cardBackProtect ProtectjimmyTie

I’ve made the drinks on the backs of the cards different colors so that it’s easier to put the decks together, and so that keen eyed players might be able to tell what a player is thinking when moving their spies around. If a player is looking at a protect card, they might be moving towards someone they want to protect. I’ve decided the black drinks would be for protect, and red would be the poison drinks. Here’s how the poison cards look:

cardBackPoisonPoisonSlidinFoot I wanted the cards to be different, but not too different. I could always have the background in the poison cards be red, but I don’t think people would want to burn a whole color ink cartridge to play my game. Hopefully the drink color changes should be enough to show the different decks.

You’re a beaut bloke or sheila to have read all this, hope to see a comment from you below, and have a good one!

Shaken, Not Poisoned Rule Cards

G’Day you,

This post is the last one about the rules before “Shaken, Not Poisoned” is thrown out into the wild to see how other people like it. It’s the rule cards, which thankfully are small enough to fit on one card. It’s a very dry topic, but it’s great to see the rules be simple enough to fit on a two sided card.

roundSetup gameRulesI’m pretty sure all the rules are on there. Hopefully they make enough sense for anyone to pick up and use. If you think they are missing something, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a great day!

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