G’Day you,

The last month was a bigg’un, and this month is looking to be a very big one as well, so that’s why it’s taking a while to get some updates in. Hoping to get back into posting more, now that

Here’s what happened last month:

This past month has been extremely busy, and April is going to be very busy as well. Finished the overall story-line “Good/honest” story line for Regeria Hope. It’s time to look at what will happen when the player wants to be corrupt, along with detailed writing of the 2nd episode.

Here’s my goals for this month, even though it’s almost done:

  • Get ready to be a dad. Not sure any dad can really say they are ready, but I think I’m getting close.
  • Finish the script for episode 2 of Regeria Hope, and get the outline done for being corrupt for the whole series.
  • Have a video of the Closing Statement game play for Regeria Hope up. Now that I just found out on the 13th that the new Phoenix Wright game has their own version of closing statement game play, I want to have mine out first, so that people don’t think I’m copying that. Would really like to have that done this weekend, even if I have to have basic sprites.